A collection of four imaginative urban townhouses in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn.

A true adaptive-reuse development, the four homes have been meticulously renovated and enlarged, representing a marriage of art, architecture and creative contemporary design.



With a visionary design that highlights the past while innovating with unique modernism, the collection of homes at 5th & Green exhibits a new paradigm of Brooklyn Townhouse living.

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With a deft hand for craftsmanship and a sophisticated palette, there is disciplined design philosophy that runs throughout 5th & Green: one that is as complex as it is beautifully simple.




Many of the original architectural features in the four homes are prominently incorporated into the rustic urban-chic design methodology. Exposing materials + original structure are just the beginning.

Welcome Home.

While attentive detail is paid to the exterior landscaping, the interior spatial relationships (accentuated with diverse materials, natural light, and craft) are also on display at 5th & Green.



Meet The Team

Committed to making a meaningful impact and contribution, the 5th & Green team is devoted to responsive design, sustainability, and architectural achievement.

FABR Studio + Workshop

Architectural Designers

FABR Studio + Workshop is a Brooklyn-based design practice. Founded by partners and friends, we bring together design, engineering, art, construction, and fabrication talents in pursuit of building.

Since 2012, FABR has handled a range of projects including ground-up multifamily buildings, enlargements and adaptive re-use of commercial buildings, townhouse and apartment renovations and enlargements, restaurant and bar build-outs and site planning and feasibility studies. Recently Fabr has managed the planning and renovation of a 22,000 sq ft former factory as a multi-tenant commercial, restaurant, and office space.

Our working model is a strong collaboration with clients and craftspeople alike; we have partnered with clients on development projects, acted as both designer and general contractor, have construction-managed teams of subs, and have worked alongside GCs in a design and construction administration role. We are constantly exploring new ways of engaging, collaborating, and building.

Team Fernandez

Exclusive Marketing & Sales Team

Specializing in the marketing and sales of new development, Team Fernandez contains a team of individuals that intricately combine a wealth of sales experience, a deep knowledge of the market, and their own personal working experience in construction, interior design, graphic design, and architecture.

By implementing these skill sets and their array of exciting new marketing tools, the team has established a presence in every corner of Brooklyn, quickly emerging as one of the most accomplished residential agent teams in the borough. 

Greenspace & Optimal Design is Key

Designed by FABR Studio & Workshop, who are revered for their explorative solutions in creating engaging urban architecture, these four townhomes will exhibit thoughtful and provocative design, while all containing unique layout configurations.

The connection to the surrounding greenery is another prominent focus of each individual townhome, where views of the treetops and rolling hills are paramount, while there are also creatively landscaped private areas, with green interstitial space weaving through the exterior elements of the four homes.

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